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Anti-tourism – B1 Speaking Skills

Here is a weblink to the newspaper story about a negative reaction in graffiti to the effects of tourism in Barcelona.

The text from The Guardian newspaper includes examples of some of the negative side-effects of tourism.  Compare these to the ones we mentioned in class – does the text mention extra problems we didn’t discuss?  Are these problems unique to Barcelona or are they more widespread? 

What’s your overall impression of the actions of the graffiti artist?  How powerful do you think his/her protest was?  Have you ever seen anything similar in Madrid?

What about your opinion of tourists in Madrid?  What effects (positive and negative) does tourism have on the city?

The text uses a number of colloquial expressions which makes it difficult to understand every word but I think you’ll be able to get an overall idea of the main ideas in the text by reading the whole thing through rather than stopping at every word you don’t know. 



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