B2 Professional English – Companies and Social Networking

In our class last week we discussed different forms of communication which companies use.  One of the media we mentioned were social networks.   Here are some activities based on a text from the BBC News website called Why companies watch your every Facebook, You Tube and Twitter move.  Click here to read the text and watch the video interviews.

  • As you read and watch the video interviews on the same page, find examples of how a) social networking media can damage companies and b) how companies can use social networking media with positive results.
  • Language focus:  Try to match some of the words or expressions from the text with the alternatives below according to the context in which they appear.
Words / expressions in the text Alternative expressions
a grumble (verb) 1 unclear
b courteous (adj) 2 amusing (perhaps in a sarcastic way)
c witty (adj) 3 change
d snowball (verb) 4 significant financial resources
e shift (noun) 5 frightening
f fuzzy (adj) 6 experimenting
g deluge (noun) 7 current feelings held by an increasing number of people  
h deep pockets 8 The opportunity to see something before it is released to the general public
i trends (noun) 9 escalate (getting bigger all the time)
j cagey (adj) 10 fashionable
k all the buzz 11 cautious
l dabbling 12 flood (large quantity / large amount)
m meltdown (noun) 13 complain
n fake (adj) 14 very popular / fashionable at the moment
o hip (adj) 15 false
p sneak previews 16 polite
q creepy (adj) 17 a large problem


  • Leave a comment – Do you know of any companies which have suffered good or bad P.R. from social networks?  Share the story here.   Can you think of any examples of companies putting content online which you thought added value in some way?  What was the content?  Can you post a link and explain why you liked it or thought it was effective?

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