B2.2 Vocabulary – Word Formation – Prefix ‘over-‘ (1)

Words formed with the prefix  ‘over’ (1)

1)  Test:  match the following words with the prefix over- with nouns to make meaningful collocations

1 to overcome a A flight / a restaurant / a hotel
2 Overjoyed (adjective) b A singer / writer / film / place
3 to overbook / overbooked (adj) / overbooking (noun) c An illness / an injury / an opponent (in a sporting match/event) / difficulties / problems / prejudice / a fear
4 Overcrowded (adj) / overcrowding (noun) d an opponent (in a sporting competition e.g. a Formula one race) / a competitor company in business – especially in sales figures
5 To overtake e Train / school / prison / bar
6 Overrated (adj) f to hear the good news / supporters (celebrating a victory etc.) / a lottery winner

2)  Now check your ideas with the examples below…

Ecstatic Spanish players have spoken over their joy at overcoming a “rough” Dutch side to claim a historic 1-0 World Cup final triumph while coach Vincente Del Bosque said it was a win for “beautiful football.”  (http://soccernet.espn.go.com – July 2010)

Chile overjoyed at miners rescue – Chileans continue celebrating the amazing rescue of 33 miners who survived 70 days in a gold and bronze mine in the Atacama desert  (www.cadenagramonte.cubaweb.cu – Oct 2010)

 May holiday flights to Spain overbooked – Tourists agencies have sold more tickets on charter flights to Spain than there are seats on the planes, according to figures from the State Civil Aviation Service (www.themoscowtimes.com – Apr 2002)

A Native’s Guide To Madrid – Does Madrid have an overrated tourist attraction?  Another tough question as local people see the tourist attractions all the time so we do not see them as overrated.  Unless you’re an avid lover of art, you may be disappointed by the Prado Museum.  (www.dailymail.co.uk)

Catalan Prisons overcrowded – Today´s Que (p.4) reports that Catalan prisons are currently accomodating some 8,200 prisoners, though the supposed capacity is for no more than 6,500.  (www.barcelonareporter.com)

Schumacher recieves penalty for overtaking Alonso (www.usatoday.com, May 2010)

3)  Answers:  1 = C, 2 = f, 3 = a, 4 = e, 5 = d, 6 = b)

4)  What do you think?

  • Which TV show / film / album / website do you think is really overrated?
  • Think of someone successful who you admire.  Did that person have to overcome  a particular difficulty to achieve their success?  What was it?
  • Did you receive a piece of news which has made you overjoyed this year?
  • Have you ever been the victim of overbooking?  What happened?  What would you do if you were due to travel somewhere and the airline told you your flight was overbooked?

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