C2.2 – CPE Exam Practice (Use of English – Part 3) (1)

Here is the first in a series of posts to practise the one word fits three sentences activity in the CPE.

I’ll put more than three examples so you can see how the featured word(s) are used in more contexts.  Remember, in the exam, there are only three sentences.

I’ll add some language notes later when I have more time.

For the sentences below think of one word only which can be used appropriately in all three sentences.

  1. Latest information gathered from the Hubble telescope has ……………. new light on the beginnings of the solar system.
  2. Guest economists on tonight’s edition of The Money Show will ……………. a critical eye over the latest announcement from the International Monetary Fund about the Eurozone.
  3. The fishermen ……………. their nets but the storm meant they had to return to the harbour with only a small haul.
  4. As they walked through the forest just before sunset they …………… long shadows on the leafy floor.
  5. “……………….. your mind back to the night of the crime,” said lieutenant Colombo, “do you remember anything suspicious about your husband’s behaviour?”
  6. Many considered it an unusual move to ……………… the young actor in the role of an aging politician but to my surprise he gave a convincing performance.
  7. The people will go to the polls on Thursday to …………… their votes in the General Election.
  8. The latest revelations in the athletics doping scandal have …………… serious doubts on a number of Olympic medal-winning performances.


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4 responses to “C2.2 – CPE Exam Practice (Use of English – Part 3) (1)

  1. Language notes:

    The key word was ‘cast.’

    (1) (New research/findings/investigation/revelations) + cast + new light on (something) (collocation / expression). Alternative word: throw
    (2) Cast + an eye over (something) (examine carefully) (collocation / expression)
    (3) Cast a fishing net (fishing terminology but can be metaphoric – e.g. Microsoft cast their net wide in their search to find a suitably experienced Financial Director to fill the vacancy)
    (4) Cast a shadow. Alternative word: throw. Song link: Oasis – Cast No Shadow: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6thmKcSRwc
    (5) Cast + your mind back + to + (a time) = remember
    (6) Chose an actor to play a part – give someone a part in a play/movie/series etc.)
    (7) Cast a vote = to vote (8) cast + doubt + on something (alternative: throw + (something) + into + doubt)

  2. Great task Matt! Very useful. I was wondering whether the answer to nº 1 could also be ‘shed’

  3. Here’s that metaphorical use of cast your net wide: http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/blog/2011/feb/08/fabio-capello-england, Fabio Capello did not imagine he would have to cast his net so wide. The text is about the England football manager’s problems in finding players good enough to represent the country.

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