C2.2 – CPE Exam Practice Use of English (Part 3) 2

Number two in an ongoing series of posts to practise the one word fits three sentences activity in the CPE.

I’ll put more than three examples so you can see how the featured word(s) are used in more contexts.  Remember, in the exam, there are only three sentences.

Language notes to come.

For the sentences below think of one word only which can be used appropriately in all three sentences.

  1. Gang members used a funeral parlour as a ________ for their drugs operation.
  2. The ________ charge is a bit steep at €15 a head but once inside the menu is good value for money and there’s live music to dance to from a swinging big band.
  3. Wikileaks does not so much expose government ________ -ups, as cast light on the sometimes surprisingly direct nature of memos sent from foreign service officials.
  4. The dense cloud _________ over Northern Europe will disappoint amateur star gazers who were hoping to catch a glimpse of the comet as it comes as close as it will to Earth.
  5. Without appropriate medical _________ travellers are at risk of running up large medical expenses should they suffer from illness or injury during their trip.
  6. When the storm hit the hillside we took _________ in a crumbling, deserted farm-house.
  7. Staff are reminded that they should organise adequate _______ when they take holidays.
  8. That book must have been unputdownable, she read it from _______ to _______ in just one day.
  9. We offer live entertainment on Saturday and Sunday in the form of The Rolly Pebbles who pay tribute to the music of Jagger and Richards with their excellent _______ versions.
  10. The detective went under ________ to infiltrate the gang of drug smugglers and make officers aware of when the shipment would arrive.

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One response to “C2.2 – CPE Exam Practice Use of English (Part 3) 2

  1. Answer time:
    The key word here was ‘cover.’
    (1) Another option here would be ‘front’.
    (2) Collocation: cover charge
    (3) A cover-up – conspiracy theorists/journalists might try to ‘uncover’ or expose these.
    (4) Collocation: cloud cover
    (5) Collocation: medical cover (alternative: insurance)
    (6) Verb + noun collocation: take / seek cover from rain/bombs/gunfire etc.
    (7) When you take holiday some companies require you to arrange for someone in your department ‘fill in’ for you by performing the key tasks you usually carry out.
    (8) The (front/back) cover of a book / magazine (but page in a newspaper)
    (9) Collocation: cover version (a singer/group copies a song performed previously by someoone else.
    (10) Go undercover as part of a criminal investigation: Clip: Starsky and Hutch go undercover: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ra70O9nps6E

    More to come soon!

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