BET Course – Unit 6 – Sales (Homework) (Session 18th Feb 2011)

Some links to texts related to sales for the homework activity:  mining a text for collocations and links to concordance data on the web.

An undercover reporter blows the whistle on working practices in a call centre at a major high-street bank:  Mis-selling is ‘rife’ at Barclays (BBC News, March 2007)

Global music sales reports (Jan 2011):  Digital music sales ‘slowing’   Music sales in 2010 decline for 6th consecutive year

Bloomberg Businessweek:  What drives your best sales people? (March 2010)

Selling via Facebook:  French Connection and Dove start selling on Facebook (Marketingweek, Feb 2011)

Ofcom (Independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industries) – Mis-selling:  Mobile phone services

Links to concordances on the web:


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