B2.2 Grammar – Structures with wish (1)

Two texts containing the word ‘wish.’  The idea here is to get aware of how this word works in different grammatical patterns by comparing examples in the two texts.

Text 1, song:  I Wish by Skee-Lo

Let’s start with an image:  A T-shirt design inspired by the words of the song I Wish by Skee-Lo.  The images are illustrations of the song’s opening lines.  Click here to see the image – what key words do you think the lyrics will contain?

Now listen to the first 20 seconds of the song by clicking here.  Did you predict any of the words correctly?

Now try the grammar / vocabulary exercise below – choose one answer for each a) b) c) option.

Line Sentence Head Grammar Vocabulary
1 I wish a) I was  b)  I am  c)  I be  a)  a little more tall   b)  a little bit taller  c)  a lot more big
2 I wish a)  I was     b)  I am     c)  I be a ‘baller
3 I wish a)  I have   b)  I had    c)  I was having a girl
 4   a)  which looked good  b)  how looked good   c)  who looked good  
5 I would a)  call her     b)  call to her  c)   calling her
5 I wish a)  I have   b)  I had   c)  I was having a rabbit in a hat with a bat
6     and a ’64 Impala

Finally – check the song and lyrics together to see the correct answers by clicking here.

Grammar point!  Do the wishes in the first verse refer to the present or the past

Text 2, poem: I wish

Read the following three summaries of a poem.  Then read the poem and decide which summary is the most accurate.

Summary 1:  The poet is writing about her ex.  She’s talking about why the relationship ended.  The things she mentions are the reasons her ex gave her for ending the relationship.

Summary 2:  The poet is writing about someone she would like to have a relationship with.  She’s sad because she doesn’t think it’s possible for the person she loves to fall in love with her.

Summary 3:  The poet is writing about someone she hopes to have a relationship with in the future.  The things she mentions are things she anticipates happening in the future when she and the person she loves are together.

Read the poem by clicking here.

Grammar point!  The wishes made by the poet and the rapper in the song are similar.  They both refer to changing present situations so that the present or future might be better for them.  How do the grammatical structures they use show this?

Coming soon!  Come back and check this post to see further comments, answers and language analysis.



I wish poem by Tatiana Cereghino.  Flickr page:    http://www.flickr.com/photos/tatocereghino/3364107370/in/set-72157622568458667/ 


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