B2.2 Reading and vocabulary: Describing neighbourhoods

In class recently we were discussing different neighbourhoods in Madrid and various words you could use to describe them.

Here’s a challenge for you.  Can you find a text in English on the internet that describes your part of Madrid?  When you find the text, read it and decide how much you agree with the main points the writer makes.

Let me know what you find by reposting the link to the text and your comments on what you agreed or disagreed with.

Here are a couple of things I managed to find during a quick search:

Embajadores:  http://www.europeanvibe.com/noticia/887/

Lavapíes:  http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/travel/destinations/spain/article6485732.ece

Salamanca:  http://guiriguidetomadrid.com/2010/09/neighborhood-salamanca/

Various:  http://kellycrull.com/madrid/best_places_to_1/

Chamberi:  http://guiriguidetomadrid.com/2010/08/living-in-chamberi/


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