Coolbrands (1) Introduction, reading and vocabulary

In recent classes we’ve been speaking and writing about brands based around an annual study called Coolbrands.  This study is administered by The Centre for Brand Analysis in the UK.  The study looks at different brands across a variety of markets and decides if they are “cool” based on 6 criteria:  style, innovation, originality, authenticity, desirability and uniqueness.

You can read some reformulated texts that students produced and do some language activities with them on the Coolbrands (2) post.

For more information on the winning companies in Coolbrands 2010, check out the digital presentation: and info about the selection process and winners:


Here are some activities to revise expressions we looked at in class to talk about brands:

1)  In recent years a number of Apple products have taken the world by _________ .

(A)  thunder  (B) lightning  (C)  storm (D)  wind

Check your answer:  How ipod took the world by…

2)  Thanks to a memorable advertising campaign, the company managed to ___________ the public’s attention. 

(A)  capture   (B)  arrest  (C)  imprison  (D)  enamoured

3)  When a product becomes successful it can create an enormous ________ about the brand because everyone is talking about it.

(A)  buzz     (B)  gossip     (C)  rumour     (D)  whisper

4)  If a brand really wants to be cool, it needs a strategy that will keep it ahead of the _______ so its competitors don’t copy what it does and overtake it.  That’s why innovation is so important.

(A)  match     (B)  game     (C)  team     (D)  sport

5)  In fashion a _________ is someone who wears or makes clothes that other people soon start wearing.  In business, it’s a brand with style and innovative ideas that other brands try to follow and replicate.

(A)  trend-follower     (B)  trend-breaker     (C)  trend-bringer     (D)  trend-setter

6)  Some styles come and go.  They are fashionable one day but look dated the next.  Coolbrands often have a style that is lasting and ________ the test of time.

(A)  puts up with     (B)  stands     (C)  supports     (D)  takes

7)  A brand that can establish a/an __________ look on all its products (through logos, colour etc.) is instantly identifiable.

(A)  identification     (B)  mark     (C)  signature     (D)  label

8)  Great companies and great brands don’t stand still.  They are constantly __________ by adapting to new trends in the market.

(A)  evolving     (B)  redoing     (C)  unwinding     (D)  devising

9)  If you can get your brand to be synonymous ______ originality or style, you are on the right road to success.

(A)  of     (B)  with     (C)  for     (D)  on

Answers to follow in the comments box below.


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One response to “Coolbrands (1) Introduction, reading and vocabulary

  1. Answers:
    1 = C “take the world by storm”
    2 = A “capture the public’s attention”
    3 = A “create a buzz” about something = get people talking about it and thereby increase brand recognition
    4 = B keep/stay “ahead of the game” – be in front of the competition / be the most innovative brand in the market
    5 = D “trend-setter/trendsetter”
    6 = B “stand the test of time” – have lasting qualities that don’t go out of date – timeless
    7 = C = have a “signature look” – easily identifed and recognised
    8 = A “constantly evolving”
    9 = B “be synonymous with original design/style/quality/performance/a great driving experience etc.

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