Reading – The one man cathedral


One of the most curious day trips off the beaten track from Madrid has to be to the town of Mejorada del Campo and, specifically, the under construction cathedral of Don Justo.

The idea behind this post is to practise speed reading skills:  There are 4 texts to read as quickly as possible, looking for specific information that might be contained in them.  How quickly can you complete the activity below?

Put “yes” or “no” if the text mentions the idea in the statements:

  Statement Text 1 Text 2 Text 3 Text 4
A The text explains Justo Gallego’s reasons for building the cathedral.        
B The text reveals where Justo Gallego gets materials and money from.        
C The text talks about the legal dilemma facing the authorities.        
D The text refers to a TV advert that helped raise the profile of the cathedral.        
E The text mentions people who have helped Justo Gallego in building the cathedral.        
F The writer of the text gives an opinion on what should happen to the cathedral in the future.        
G The text talks about Justo Gallego’s architectural preferences.        

Texts 1-4:

  1. Postcard from Mejorada del Campo, Will Bureaucracy Fell Spain’s One-Man Cathedral?  Andres Cala, Aug 31, 2010 – Time magazine online
  2. Madman or miracle worker?  Don Justo and the DIY cathedral.  Kate Turner, Tales of a Brit Abroad blog.
  3. Don Justo’s Self Built Cathedral, April 2005, Citynoise
  4. Madrid man builds cathedral from junk, Dec 2010, BBC

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