B2.2 – FCE Writing – last minute revision!

Important tip for FCE Paper 2 – writing (part 1):  For the compulsory question there will be content points that must be included in the letter or email that you write.  How would you cover the content points in the writing question below?  Leave suggestions in the comments box and I’ll feedback later today!

You are planning to go on holiday with an English speaking friend who has sent you an email and an advert  about an outdoor activity centre.  Read the extract from their email and the advert including your friend’s notes.  Then write to the manager of the activity centre asking for the information which your friend has suggested.  You might also want to include some questions of your own.

I reckon this is exactly the kind of place we should go to, don’t you?  Could you write to the activity centre and get some more info?  I’ve made some notes but maybe I’ve missed something important we need to ask about.


Are you looking for a fun way to spend your summer?

Why not join us in the beautiful Welsh countryside at the WILD FUN OUTDOOR ACTIVITY CENTRE.

You can take part in activities like:

  • ·         Rafting[M1]  and canoeing
  • ·         Gorge walking[M2] 
  • ·         Quad biking
  • ·         Hill walking[M3] 
  • ·         Mountain climbing

Come for just a day or stay with us for longer in our purpose built accommodation.[M4] 

Email us for more details at:  www.wildfun.co.wa

 [M1]Never done this – need experience?

 [M2]What exactly is this?  Dangerous?

 [M3]Distance of a typical walk?  All day or time for different activity?

 [M4]What and how much?


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