B2.2 – July 2011 – Notes from class 4/7/11

Vocabulary notes and recycling activities from Monday’s class:

1)  Categorise these words / phrases according to the event they are related to…

Event categories:  A film premiere, a job interview, a birthday party, a tennis championship, an examination, a wedding.

Words:  a veil (clothing), a red carpet, a time limit, “time is up!”, an invitation, a headband, fancy dress, a star, an umpire, stag party, maximum concentration, a court, hen night, opponents, a bouquet, a groom, a bride, to take someone on (phrasal verb), spectators, guests, a costume, a candidate, to sit, a reception, a bride. 

2)  Phrasal verbs from today’s class:

Talking about the weekend:  Is there much difference in meaning between the two phrasal verbs below?

  • I didn’t do anything really exciting, I just hung out with my friends for a while and watched a few films.
  • I met up with my friends and we chatted about the week we had had.

Talking about job interviews / employment:

  • If we decide to take him on he will have to dress much more smartly than he did in the interview – he arrived wearing an old pair of jeans and shabby trainers.

Talking about “arriving”:

  • In the sentence above we could substitute arrive with “turned up“.  There are three other examples of this phrasal verb in the listening texts that we heard today (Speakers 2, 4 and 5).  Find the examples in the transcript.  How is the grammar pattern of the phrasal verb “turn up” (in this context)  different from “take on” (in the context of giving someone a job)?

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