B2.2 – July 2011 – Notes from class 5/7/11

Notes from class, 5/7/11…

Vocabulary – Expressions with ‘get’:

Here are some songs with the word ‘get’ in the title.  Writing challenge:  Can you write a short story which includes as many of these expressions as possible in the text?

Getting over you – David Guetta ft.  Fergie & Chris Williams

Like to get to know you well – Howard Jones

Can’t get you out of my head – Kylie Minouge

Can’t get used to losing you – The Beat

Won’t get fooled again – The Who

Get ready – The Temptations

Get into the groove – Madonna

Get out of my life woman – Lee Dorsey

Just can’t get enough – The Black Eyed Peas

I want to get away – Lenny Kravitz

Get here if you can – Oleta Adams

You can’t always get what you want – The Rolling Stones

Got to get you into my life – The Beatles

It’s getting better – The Beatles

We’ve got to get out of this place – The Animals

Get over you – Sophie Ellis Bextor

Don’t let the man get you down – Fatboy Slim


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  1. How do you get over an ex who still means a lot to you? What do you think of the advice on here? http://www.bbc.co.uk/slink/real-life/features/how-to-get-over-your-ex

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