B2.2 – July 2011 – Notes from class 14/7/11

Notes from today’s class, 14/7/11…

Word formation

Follow-up on some problematic words from today’s class…

Complete the following sentences by using the word in capitals to form a word that fits the gap…

  1. The hotel was a shabby building in a dirty, dangerous part of the city so if I were you, I’d stay _________.  ELSE  (for the answer and more examples – look at comment box 1 below)
  2. ___________ for this job should have a B2.2 level of English as well as a clean driving license.  APPLY  (see comment box 2
  3. Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero has come under __________ from the EU, The International Monetary Fund and President Obama to take bold action and prevent a Greek-style debt crisis which would further hurt the euro. PRESS (See comment box 3)


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3 responses to “B2.2 – July 2011 – Notes from class 14/7/11

  1. Comment box 1: Answer to first wordformation question: ELSEWHERE
    This word means ‘in / at / on another place’ – you could substitute it with ‘somewhere else / different.’
    Looking around the Internet I found a text about footballers who began in Real Madrid’s youth teams but who were unable to get into the first team and joined a different club where they were subsequently successful. The title combines ‘elsewhere’ with the word from Maria Jesus’ T-shirt from today…’blossom.’ I have tried to translate the title of the text, does my translation work?

    ‘Grown at home but blossoming elsewhere – why cantera stars leave Real Madrid to make it big.’
    ‘Crecido en la casa blanca pero florecendiendo en otros sitios – por que los jovenes de Real Madrid lo dejan para conseguir exitos.’

    Here is a link to the text: http://www.goal.com/en/news/1717/editorial/2011/07/03/2558331/grown-at-home-but-blossoming-elsewhere-why-cantera-stars

  2. Matt

    Comment box 2: APPLICANTS – this extract from the Polaris World website nicely illustrates the differences between the nouns ‘applicant(s)’ (people who want to get a job) and ‘application(s)’ (a submission of someone’s details hoping to get a job)…

    Polaris World Spain News – 20,000 applicants for 500 jobs at new Corvera airport
    As expected, there was a huge demand for places on the training courses which will supply workers for the future International Airport of the Region of Murcia at Corvera.
    The deadline for applications was last week, and according to the Servicio Regional de Empleo y Formación (SEF) there were over 20,000 applicants in total.

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