A1 – Interview about Birmingham (12/11/11)

A record of our “text conversation” in class from 12th November 2011.

Your questions to me about my home town (Birmingham) with the answers I gave.

Is there a river in Birmingham?

No, there isn’t but Birmingham has a lot of canals.

Where is the best hotel in Birmingham?

I have no idea about hotels in the city centre but there is a famous hotel on the outskirts of the city which has a golf course used for important competitions.

Are there any Portuguese restaurants in Birmingham?

Um, I can’t remember but there are probably one or two.

Is Birmingham famous for any special dishes?

There are a few dishes which are famous but nothing really typical…today Birmingham is famous for curry because there are many Indian restaurants in the city.

Are there any Portuguese footballers in Birmingham?

Erm…I’m not sure.  There are three clubs in the city.  Birmingham City, Aston Villa and West Bromwich Albion.  José Dominguez played for Birmingham and Filipe Teixeira played for West Brom.


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