C1 – CAE Writing – Feedback on texts written in class on 23rd November 2011

On Wednesday last week you spent most of the class writing articles and competition entries.  CAE/Cambridge Advanced texts for which the imagined audience would be a magazine reader.

Having read the texts you wrote I was very impressed by the content of the pieces.  You all made some insightful and interesting observations about the topics you wrote about.

The three options were as follows:

  • A competition entry saying why the printed book will never die despite the rise of the ebook (3 of you chose this option)
  • An article about the type of secondary education young people need (broad v specalist) (the most popular choice – 4 of you wrote about this)
  • A competition entry/article about the impact on people of the amount of information we receive and process on a daily basis with particular attention paid to the availability of the news (2 of you chose this one)

In class today you will receive some individual feedback on the texts you wrote.  These will offer some comments on the strengths of your texts as well as some suggested areas to work on.

If you agree, I would like you to treat the original text as a first draft of the final piece rather than the final, finished product itself.

This is, after all, how articles would be treated in their natural environment of newspaper and magazine offices.  Writers would compose their piece before setting about tidying it up, rephrasing certain points, getting feedback from editors etc.  Things you didn’t have time to do in class.

So, based on the feedback I give you and your own thoughts on re-reading your work, I think it would be valuable to revisit the texts and produce a second-improved version.

Vocabulary focus:

One of the strengths of the texts overall was the range of topic related vocabulary.  However, that’s not to say we couldn’t widen the range even further.  Here are some words or phrases that might fit into the texts.

Classify them according to the three options above.

  • wall-to-wall / rolling / 24 hour news coverage
  • to land (get) a job
  • prime-time TV
  • overload (noun)
  • a thirst for knowledge
  • available at the touch of button
  • a news bulletin / update
  • current affairs
  • life-skills
  • academic background
  • under threat of extinction
  • saturation (noun)
  • meet the demands of the jobs market
  • live up to the expectations of employers
  • there’s something special about the touch/feel/smell/texture etc. of a ?

Reading/Listening/Watching around the topics:

A few links that may generate a few more ideas…

Feel free to post anything you come across on the web that might be relevant to these topics.


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