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C1 – CAE – (Mon/Weds) Vocabulary from class 30th January 2012

A few words/expressions with similar meanings that we looked at briefly yesterday…

  • to meddle /’medl/ – if you meddle with / in something – you become involved in something that does not concern you…  it is similar in meaning to interfere.  Example:  “You’ve been reading my diary!?!  What gives you the right to meddle in my business?!?  Keep your nose out!”
  • Meddling often seems to happen in crime stories…the police might be struggling to crack open the case but there might be an amateur detective who starts his/her own investigation…how would the police feel?  They might not want someone “Meddling into the case…”
  • Meddling might be dangerous…here’s a Lord of the Rings quote… “Do not meddle in the affairs of wizards, for they are subtle and quick to anger,”  a quote that some people have adapted for fun…
  • What about the meddling in this song by Little Boots…is this a warning or an invitation?  Song link / Lyrics link
  • Personal noun:  a meddler
  • Adjective:  meddlesome
  • to nose (verb) / to nose around / to snoop (around)to sick / poke your nose into other people’s business… Examples comparison:  What difference in meaning can you determine from the examples below…Which talk about looking at places or objects?  Which talk about moving forward?  Which talk about getting involved in private affairs?
  1. The plane nosed down through the clouds and landed safely.
  2. The actor has complained about journalists and photographers nosing around outside his mansion.  Apparently some of them have been going through his rubbish bins in order to find out private information.
  3. What are you doing in here!  You have no right to come in here snooping around!
  4. We should let things take their natural course rather than sticking our nose into his business…he won’t appreciate it if he finds out.
More examples:
Movie concordances for “snooping around” ( and “poking…nose in” (  Do these expressions  always refer to an invasion of privacy?
  • Lout (personal noun) / Loutish (adjective)
  • Their loutish behaviour at the hotel led to the manager calling the police.
  • A gang of drunken louts shouted abuse at us and then started throwing bottles at innocent people.

Headlines from newspaper stories:

Loutish soccer stars ‘should face inquiry’

Football authorities urged to tackle misbehaviour


We can’t be blamed for loutish behaviour on Faliraki, says Club 18-30

Club 18-30 is refusing to accept responsibility for the behaviour of British youths in Faliraki, on the Greek island of Rhodes

  • Description of Figueira de Foz:    Figueira da Foz is a large seaside resort on the Portuguese west coast located half way between Lisbon and Porto. The town is famous for its great beaches – including reputedly Europe’s largest beach – Figueira has on offer a huge variety of sports and activities and is located in a relatively unspoilt and undeveloped area of Portugal. Here, village life has not changed much for many years. A mixture of old and new, Figueira has all the amenities you’d expect to find in a holiday town but without the downside influences of mass tourism, ie binge drinking, loutish behaviour and lots of litter. The large beaches allow everyone to spread out as does the many green public spaces which offer areas in which to relax and let the kids run around. The very agreeable weather is great for outdoor sports and leisure pursuits. From March until October you can expect temperatures of around 27ºC for summer months.


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