CAE Mon/Weds, Tues/Thus – Vocabulary revision – 6 phrasal verbs

Some revision of 6 phrasal verbs we have come across in class recently…

Can you remember which particles are needed to complete the phrasal verbs in the table?



Cut _____ Interrupt It’s rude to cut _____ when other people are having a private conversation. Set _____ (on a journey) Depart, leave Although we set _____  early, we still arrived extremely late.
Give _____ Admit defeat, surrender I couldn’t work out how to solve the puzzle so eventually I had to give _____ and look at the solution. Cut _____ (by bad conditions) Isolate, leave isolated / make separate The floods have cut _____ several mountain villages.
Drop _____ (on someone) Visit unexpectedly We were in the area so we thought we’d just drop _____ to see you. Drop _____ Fall asleep I’ve been so tired lately that I nearly dropped _____ right in the middle of an important meeting.

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