CAE Mon/Weds: C1+ Writing feedback – competition entry about a significant 20th Century event

This refers to the writing task from Unit 7 of the course book.  The activity asks you to:

  • write about what you consider to be the most important event of the 20th Century
  • briefly describe the event
  • explain its significance for our lives today

The texts I received were good in terms of:

  • the choice of event
  • vocabulary related to the topics chosen
  • strong introductions which justified the choice of event
  • coverage of the event
  • inclusion of ways in which the event continues to bear an influence on our lives today

Where I thought they could be improved:

  • Broader range of structures / phrases / collocation to talk about key events
  • Stronger, clearer conclusions bringing together the main ideas with a clear sentence that sums up the strong influence that this event still has on our lives

To give you an idea of the kind of collocation and phrases that would be useful in such texts, check out this linoit of collocations and phrases to talk about the effects of important events.


If you haven’t done this writing yet, you might find some inspiration here:

If the choice is still too broad, narrow things down to a field of particular interest to you.  You could focus on a scientific breakthrough, a moment of Portuguese history, a cultural watershed moment (watershed = an event or a period of time that marks an important change (oald).

Finally, 3 reasons why it’s worth doing this writing task…

  1. If you think you’re future might involve studying in English, this is a good opportunity to broaden your experience of writing on a more academic topic.
  2. Even if you don’t imagine that you’re chosen area of study will involve writing such texts, because the range of events you could choose to write about is so broad, it’s an opportunity to select something you’re interested in, read and write about it and broaden your vocabulary of the topic at the same time.
  3. It’s good exam practice!

Remember, you can send me any texts you write during your holidays.  Email me or bring your writing into the school during July and September.

See you soon!


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